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Past Events & News 2019 3rd EAJS Conference in Japan – Tsukuba University coming soon 2018 PhD Workshop Belgrade Report of the Academic Organiser Project reports by participants 2018 2nd Publication Workshop Ljubljana Report of the Academic Organiser Reports by the Participants of the 2nd EAJS Publication Workshop  2017 PhD Workshop Lisbon Report of the […]

Mick Deneckere

Dr. Mick Deneckere 1) What are your research interests? Throughout my studies I have been fascinated by the traditions that developed as a result of the increased contact between Japan and Europe, when, after a 250- year seclusion policy, Japan opened its borders to international trade in the mid- nineteenth century. My MA dissertation in […]

Michael Facius

<img src=”” alt=”_DSC4700.JPG” /> Dr. Michael Facius 1) What are your research interests? My research interests are broadly in the early modern and modern cultural history of Japan in its regional, transnational and global contexts. I am particularly fascinated by the changing patterns of knowledge exchange and circulation and the history of language and translation. […]

15th EAJS Workshop for Doctoral Students in Cork, Ireland

The 15th EAJS Doctoral Studies Workshop in took place 20-23 August 2019 at the University College Cork, Ireland. The EJAS received applications from 43 eligible students from all parts of Europe. The EAJS Workshops for Doctoral Students aim to create a European multidisciplinary network of advanced graduate students and senior scholars in Japanese Studies. The […]

Welcome to the TIFO Alumni Network

  Welcome to the EAJS-TIFO Alumni Network The European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS) and the Toshiba International Foundation (TIFO) intend to foster networking activities among EAJS-TIFO Alumni, i.e. previous recipients of Toshiba International Foundation Fellowships and participants in the EAJS Ph.D. Workshops. This Alumni Network is intended to be a source of information and a […]

Prof. Dr. Anke Scherer

&lt;img src=”” alt=”Scherer_neu.jpg” /&gt; Prof. Dr. Anke Scherer 1) What are your research interests? Modern Japanese history and culture, Japanese management. 2) What is your current research project about? Organizational culture in Japan. 3) Please describe shortly the main stations of your academic career. 1985-1992: Undergraduate and postgraduate studies (Sinology and Japanology) in Trier, Wuhan […]


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Abe Fellowship

Abe Fellowship Program competition The Social Science Research Council (SSRC) and the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) announce the annual Abe Fellowship Program competition. Funding for the Abe Fellowship Program is provided by CGP. The Purpose of the Fellowship The Abe Fellowship is designed to encourage international multidisciplinary research on topics of pressing […]

Hakuho Foundation Scholarship

Hakuho Foundation Japanese Research Fellowship With the goals of further strengthening the fundamentals of international research into Japan and deepening understanding of Japan, the Hakuho Foundation Japanese Research Fellowship invites leading international researchers of the Japanese language, Japanese language education, Japanese literature and Japanese culture to Japan to conduct residential research. Click here for more […]

Jobs & Scholarships

Open positions and scholarship opportunities Visiting Fellowship Announcement Tohoku University CNEAS Visiting Fellows Call for Applications (Fellowship period two to six months in October 2020-September 2021) The Center for Northeast Asian Studies, Tohoku University, is seeking visiting fellows. Our center has a visiting fellowship program to promote cooperative research activities with distinguished researchers in Northeast […]