European Association for Japanese Studies

15th EAJS Workshop for Doctoral Students in Cork, Ireland

The 15th EAJS Doctoral Studies Workshop in took place 20-23 August 2019 at the University College Cork, Ireland. The EJAS received applications from 43 eligible students from all parts of Europe.


The EAJS Workshops for Doctoral Students aim to create a European multidisciplinary network of advanced graduate students and senior scholars in Japanese Studies. The informal environment of the workshop provides a unique opportunity for participants to work together intensively to enhance individual projects and engage in in-depth discussions of common themes and methods. Through presentations and focused sessions, students give and receive critical feedback on dissertation projects, fieldwork plans and preliminary results. Students will be asked to read the work of their peers and prepare for workshop presentations linking their own work to the broader international Japanese Studies field. Students will also get extensive opportunity to discuss their projects with a senior scholar in their respective field.


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