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Welcome to the TIFO Alumni Network


Welcome to the EAJS-TIFO Alumni Network

The European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS) and the Toshiba International Foundation (TIFO) intend to foster networking activities among EAJS-TIFO Alumni, i.e. previous recipients of Toshiba International Foundation Fellowships and participants in the EAJS Ph.D. Workshops.

This Alumni Network is intended to be a source of information and a platform for exchange. Our aim is to create a wide network of early career and younger scholars in the field of Japanese Studies. EAJS and TIFO would like to use this network to promote academic exchange, to share information about current research themes and trends in the field of Japanese Studies, to announce upcoming academic events, such as conferences and workshops, and to inform network participants about career opportunities.

The TIFO Alumni Network will be based on two pillars: first, regular exchange via electronic media (social media, this website, newsletter) and second, meeting opportunities for network participants (e.g. reunion events at EAJS International Conferences, workshops etc.).


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