European Association for Japanese Studies

Prof. Dr. David CHIAVACCI

It is a great honor for me to have been re-elected as EAJS Council member. For over two decades, I have been a member of the EAJS and participant in its conferences. Besides being a EAJS council member (2020-2023), I could contribute in the past to the EAJS as section convenor in the EAJS conferences in Tallinn (2011) and Ljubljana (2014), as well as organizer of the EAJS Workshop for Doctoral Candidates in Ljubljana (2014) and the EAJS Publication Workshop in Zurich (2022).

Besides my contributions as a member of the EAJS Council in the past three years, I could also gain ample experience in the management of research associations as board member (2009-2016) and president (2013-2016) of the German Association for Social Science Research on Japan, as board member of the Swiss Society of Asian Studies (since 2010) as well as speaker of the Academic Advisory Council for Japan and Korea of the German Association for Asian Studies (2015-2021).

For a research association of its size, the EAJS has a remarkable number of well-established and well-run activities and events. It must be the main task of the next EAJS Council to maintain and foster these programs in times of rising prices and retrenched budgets. Especially the activities and events for young scholars are very important to establish and strengthen networks in research on Japan in Europe and between Europe and Japan.

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2010, David Chiavacci is Professor in Social Science of Japan at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. He obtained his PhD in Sociology in 2001 in Zurich. After postdoc positions at the University of Tokyo (2001-2003) and the University of Zurich (2003-2005), he joined the Free University Berlin as a research fellow (2005-2010) where he also received his venia legendi in Japanese Studies (2009). He was a visiting scholar at the German Institute for Japanese Studies, Japan Institute of Labour Policy and Training, University of Naples “L’Orientale”, University of Tokyo, and Waseda University. His main research interests are Japan’s immigration and immigration policy, frames and narratives of social inequality in Japan as well as social change and social movements in Japan.


List of selected publications

Chiavacci, David. 2022. “Social Inequality in Japan.” Oxford Handbook of Japanese Politics. Robert Pekkanen and Saadia M. Pekkanen (eds.). Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 451-470.

Chiavacci, David, Simona Grano and Julia Obinger (eds.). 2020. Civil Society and the State in Democratic East Asia: Between Entanglement and Contention in Post High Growth. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

Chiavacci, David and Sébastien Lechevalier (eds.). 2019. Japanese Political Economy Revisited: Abenomics and Institutional Change. London: Routledge.

Chiavacci, David and Julia Obinger (eds.). 2018. Re-emerging from Invisibility: Social Movements and Political Activism in Contemporary Japan. London: Routledge.

Chiavacci, David and Carola Hommerich (eds.). 2017. Social Inequality in Post-Growth Japan: Transformation during Economic and Demographic Stagnation. London: Routledge.