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Who Won the War

A Hiroshima survivor embarks for America to avenge his father’s death, but gets tricked into a medical experimentation program for radioactive subjects.

おみおくり〜Sending Off〜

Sending Off” follows the patients of Dr. Konta Kaoru and her team of nurses as they receive end-of-life medical care in their homes. Filmed over one year in rural Japan, the changing seasons provide a backdrop to the deepening relationships the patients form with their families as they reach the end of their lives.


Ōkunoshima was the biggest poison gas factory in Asia, but today, it’s just known as the ‘bunny island’. Its chemical weapons are still around – and still dangerous.


Joso is a film exploring the multiple layers of involvement in new wave cross-dressing (josō) subculture and media in the 2010s.