European Association for Japanese Studies

みゃーくふつの未来:消えゆく声、生まれる声 (The future of Myaakufutsu: vanishing voices, emerging voices)

2019 | 48’ | Japan
Sachiyo Fujita-Round

UNESCO nominated eight endangered languages in Japan: Ainu, Hachijo, Amami, Kunigami, Okinawan, Miyakoan, Yaeyaman and Dunan in 2003 and 2009. A researcher of sociolinguist who investigates on bi/multilingualism of Japan brought a collaborator video artist into her field of Miyako Island and recorded the researcher’s interviews to Miyakoan language speakers and domains of the language use from 2015-2017. We can witness how the language was about to vanish and how some young generation aimed to revitalise in the documentary video. There are two parts in the video: Part 1 The current situation of Myaakufutsu (Miyakoan) and Part 2 Efforts at language revitalisation.