Call for Applications: 19th EAJS Workshop for Doctoral Students

Venue: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium Date: 14–17 August 2023 Project director: Prof. Dr. Jan Schmidt (KU Leuven) Language for applications and during the workshop: English Application deadline: 24 March 2023 To apply, please visit our application portal. The European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS) invites doctoral students in all fields of Japan-related research (humanities and […]


Notes of Guidance for EAJS Section Convenors Timeline (backwards from the conference date) CONFERENCE: 17-20 August 2023 SAME YEAR AS THE CONFERENCE: By the end of July (TBC): Convenors should send details of special requirements for their section (technical equipment, etc.) to NomadIT. All lecture rooms will be equipped with a PC and digital projector, […]

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Post grid with image and title – posts in category “news” Professor Josef Kreiner wins 4th NIHU Prize for Japanese Studies New EAJS Website! EAJS 2023 conference 3rd Publication Workshop 2022 TIFO Fellows Load More Post grid with title and excerpt – posts in category “about” EAJS Council Members 2020-2023 See the list of EAJS […]

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EAJS-TIFO Alumni Network

Facebook Twitter Youtube Login contact European Association for Japanese Studies ヨーロッパ日本研究協 Welcome to the EAJS-TIFO Alumni Network The European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS) and the Toshiba International Foundation (TIFO) intend to foster networking activities among EAJS-TIFO Alumni, i.e. previous recipients of Toshiba International Foundation Fellowships and participants in the EAJS Ph.D. Workshops. Posts from […]

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