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2023/24 Call for Applications: Toshiba International Foundation Fellowships

With this Call for Applications, we cordially invite doctoral candidates conducting Japan-related research to apply for the Toshiba International Foundation Fellowships 2023/24.

The Toshiba International Foundation Fellowship program conducted jointly by the European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS) and the Toshiba International Foundation (TIFO) supports doctoral candidates in carrying out research in Japan. Applications are reviewed by the EAJS Council.

Successful candidates must start their research stay in Japan no later than February 2024. Applications for a later period will not be considered for this round.

In the event that research travel to Japan will not be possible by March 2024 due to a resurgence of Covid-19 and responses to it, alternative ways for using the fellowships will be sought to assist successful candidates in completing their Ph.D. projects.

The application deadline is 10 March 2023.

To apply please visit the online application portal.

Program Outline

The TIFO Fellowship program aims at enabling Ph.D. candidates to pursue research in Japan for their ongoing Ph.D. projects. Applications are invited for a two to three-month stay in Japan which should begin no later than February 2023. Grantees can expect a fellowship of 7,000 EUR, which may be used to finance their research stay, including costs for travel and accommodation.


Applicants must be doctoral students by the time of applying as well as by the time of the scheduled research stay in Japan. They should be specializing in any field in Japanese Studies at a European institution. Applications by postdoctoral researchers cannot be accepted. Furthermore, only candidates pursuing their first Ph.D. degree are eligible to apply.

Applications must include:

Since the purpose of the scholarship is to promote the academic study of Japan by those who have not already had a long-term experience in Japan (i.e. a maximum of two years in total), applications by Japanese High School graduates will not be considered.

The EAJS has been asked by the Toshiba International Foundation to administer these scholarships and the evaluation and decisions will be made by the Council of the EAJS.

Successful applicants have to be members of the European Association for Japanese Studies in order to receive the fellowship.

For further information on the Toshiba International Foundation, please visit

For further information on the Toshiba International Foundation Fellowships or the EAJS, please feel free to contact us at office[at]